Caro Raiz Latina,

Muito obrigado por sua pergunta.

Nós somos o principal fabricante de Arquivo, armários de aço, mesa de escritório, camas de aço e alguns outros móveis de aço relacionado aqui na China, nossos produtos foram exportados para a Europa, América, Austrália, Médio Oriente e algum outro mercado por muitos anos. para mais informações sobre nossa empresa e nossos produtos, por favor, dê uma visita ao nosso site em: http://www.hefeng-furniture.com.

Para sua referência, delimitada por favor, encontrar o nosso Mensal Anúncio do Produto.

A fim de dar-lhe a nossa oferta precisamente, você poderia por favor deixe-nos saber as seguintes informações:

1) – Qual é o modelo do nosso produto que você precisa?
2) – Qual é a sua demanda de quantidade de cada modelo?

Estaremos ansiosos para ouvir de você logo.

Obrigado e cumprimentos,



Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for your information.

Here below is our answers for your concerns and questions:

1) – Import procedures.

We will deliver the container to San Antonio port in Chile, and this is your nearest port, right?

When the container is delivered, we will send you the contact information of the local agent in San Antonio, you can contact your local agent to pick up the goods. What you need to clear the customs will include: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, and FORM F (Certificate of Origin), all these documents will be sent to you by us.

2) – Payment.

After confirming the order, we will send you a Proforma Invoice with all the transaction details and our bank account. You can go to your local bank and ask them to transfer 30% deposit(down payment) by Telegraphic Transfer with the bank account provided in the Proforma Invoice.

After we finish the production, you can go to the bank and ask them to transfer the other 70% payment to our account, then we will load the container and deliver it to San Antonio port. Of course, you can make all the transfer on Internet if you have Online banking system.

3) – Loading quantity of the 10 Door Locker.

In case you order 10 door Locker, totally 350 Units could be loaded in one 40 feet container. Please increase the quantity from 300 units to 350 units.

Hope to hear from you soon!





附件是合同号JF17-**的两份发票,以下是需退回给您的款项,请核对 。

应退回款项=(合同金额 – 实际金额 + 实际金额*3%)

($35,931 – $30,984 + $30,984*3%) =$5,877

换算成人民币为:$5,877 * 6.05=RMB35,556.00




Dear Sidónio Pinheiro,

Thanks for your fast reply.

We do appreciate your hard work on this tender, we hope you can win it and we will spare no efforts to assist you to win this tender.

You know, except for giving you our lowest possible price to win this order, we need to use the best material to guarantee the quality of the product. We are a company focusing on the long term cooperation with the high grade product instead of doing one time business, we need to give you and your client the best quality product with the best material. Therefore, we can’t compromise on the material, and it will be very difficult for us to reduce the price again and again.

But considering this is a tender and in order to start our cooperation from now on, we’d like to give you our “cost price” and leave no profit margin in our side to win this tender. Here below please find the last and our rock bottom “cost price”:

JF-1B2A – USD 27.00/pc JF- B011 – USD 52.5/pc CIF Maputo, Mozambique

We hope our efforts will help you to win this tender, and hope to hear from you soon!



Dear Adeline Jeancler,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

As per your request, I am attaching our quotation for the 3 Door Steel Lockers here in this mail, please check and let us know your further idea.

Regarding the lower price the other supplier offered, please kindly be cautious about the quality. For example, the thickness shown in our quotation is exact thickness of steel plate without painting. Please pay more attention to factor of the weight. You will be satisfied with their low price, but I am afraid that you will be disappointed about the quality. We can offer you a even lower price than theirs, but we won’t do this and we know this is not workable for long time cooperation, because the quality of the product produced with this low cost will be unacceptable for you and for your market.

We have been working with 12 customers from Australia for 6 years, we know a bit about your market, please kindly be cautious about the quality while you are comparing the price.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Mal,

How are you? Thanks for the new order.

The quantity you listed will be loaded by one 20 feet container, is it possible for you to increase the quantity to be one 40 feet container?

The prices we quoted for you are based on the quantity of at least one 40 feet container. For the quantity of one 20 feet container, the unit inland logistic cost will be higher, I think the unit shipping cost will increase as well, comparing with the quantity 40 feet container.

Please check and let me know your thoughts.

Have a nice day!



Dear Sir,

There are really too many models in your order, please kindly reduce the model to be not more than 8 models for next order. (Actually, the models limit we can accept for other customers is 6 models maximumly for 1×40’HQ.)

It will be very difficult for us to produce so many models for one order at one time, especially when each model with only a very small quantity. You know, if there are too many models, it will be not easy for the workers to focus their attention, they need to adjust machine again and again, from time to time, the workers’ attention will be distracted. In this case, the production efficiency will be very low, it will not only be very difficult for production, but also it will be not good for the quality control.




How are you.

Good news is coming!

The cost of raw material dropped last Friday, so most of the items are at least 5% cheaper than before.

Considering the dropping is temporary (validity: 15 days), we will be unable to keep this new price if the steel cost goes up, or the RMB appreciates. So please let me know as early as possible if you have new demand for the steel items recently.

We assure that we will always guarantee the quality and hope you won’t miss this chance.

Kindly contact us. We are waiting for your positive response.

Best Regards,
Mandy Luo


Dear Felipe,

How are you today?

The cost of raw material continues to rise from the middle of October, and has increased by 10% till now. Besides, due to the latest released China environmental policy, the cost of spare parts and inland transportation have been rising sharply as well.

Our managing team has formally asked us to give notification to customers that our prices will go up on 11th November, but we will be able to keep the old prices if you place order before 11th November. We suggest you keep some inventory before the prices rise, if you have plans to place order recently, please confirm your order as soon as possible.

For your reference, enclosed please find the quotation list which is valid before next Friday (11th November). The prices are same as before (without discount), we only do some adjustments on the format, and optimize the information of some weights and packing volumes according to your recent orders.

Waiting for your message.



Dear Sir,

How are you?

We will have a 7-day official national holiday to celebrate the Spring Festival from 15th-21st Feb. During our holiday, I will check emails occasionally, in case you have new inquiry, please email me at any time.

A Friendly Reminder:

After the Spring Festival holiday, there will be an order peak as usual. What’s more, the first batch of workers will come back to work after the Lantern Festival (5th March), while some others will be back a few weeks later. So if you have new purchasing plan, please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange the production and deliver the goods on time.

Thank you for your time and happy new year!

Best Regards,


Dear Santosh,

Since the costs of raw material, powder coating and spare parts increase a lot, we have to adjust the prices for all customers after the Chinese New Year holiday. All the prices of our products have been re-calculated according to the current costs, enclosed please find the updated quotation list (2017-02-20).

Besides, our factory again required us to strictly keep the rules of the model limit or minimum order quantity as following:

1. Model limit: 3 models for 1×20’GP, and 6 models for 1×40’HQ.

2. Minimum order quantity: 50 pcs per model for steel items, and 30 pcs per model for stainless steel products.

Otherwise, our factory will raise the production costs accordingly, thus the prices will be increased as well, so please kindly keep as less models as possible.



Dear Reg Cox,

The shipment of this vessel was delayed, and the new ETD is **. I will send the documents to you once available.



Dear Reg Cox,

As for the claim about JF18-**, we feel very sorry about it.

I already have sent your file to our technology and QC department. After we discuss these problems, we will send you our solution and improvement for future orders.

I will reply you as soon as possible.



Dear Reg Cox,

Good morning.

After we discussed yesterday, these scratches, dents may happen during the long distance transportation. Our QC department never allow the problem products like the photos shows to pass the inspection.

We do hope you can understand from our factory to your warehouse, during almost ** days transportation, there must have some inevitable shake, so some inevitable problem may happen.

Our solution to this claim:

  1. Make extra spare parts according to your file and load them into the next container. So that you can replace the problem parts in your warehouse.
  2. Ask the loading department to pay more attention during the loading process.
  3. For the next orders, I will go to our factory to inspect the goods after our QC’s inspection. And send you the product photos.
  4. Also, could you please remind your workers to be more careful when they are discharging the goods from the container to your warehouse. So that we can reduce the possibility of these problem products together in future.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.



Dear Sir,

How are you doing?

We’ve just developed a new structure steel filing cabinet with ultra-small packing volume and Huge Loading Quantity. Aren’t you always complaining that the shipping cost is high and the loading quantity for steel filing cabinet is small? Our best space saving filing cabinet helps you out.

Here below please find some details of this new cabinet.

Filing Cabinet - Luoyang Hefeng (1)Filing Cabinet - Luoyang Hefeng (2)

If you are interested in this product, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Hope to hear from you soon.